Group members

Group leader

Professor Peter Gardner

Senior research collaborator

Dr Joe Lee

Post-doctoral research associates

Dr Alex Henderson

Research students

Chloë Reihill
Dougal Ferguson
Jiayi “Jennie” Tang
John Agbike
Nga-Tsing “Kayto” Tang
Widad Al Rawahi
Yu Zheng


Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, University of Manchester

  • Prof. Noel Clarke
    • Urological Cancer Research
  • Dr. Mick Brown
    • Urological Cancer Research
Nofima Mat, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Dr. Achim Kohler
    • Data modelling and biospectroscopy
  • Prof. Harald Martens
    • Data modelling and biospectroscopy
Christies hospital NHS trust
  • Dr. Jonathan Shanks
    • Urological pathology
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre (MIB), University of Manchester
  • Prof. Richard Snook
    • IR Photoacoustic Spectroscopy, AFM, Laser Tweezers of prostate cells
  • Dr. Andrew Horn
    • Combined SIMS/FTIR
  • Prof. Peter Fielden
    • Microfluidic cells for FTIR micro-spectroscopy
  • Prof. Nick Goddard
    • Microfluidic cells for FTIR micro-spectroscopy
  • Prof. Roy Goodacre
    • Biological FTIR
  • Prof. Andrew Doig
    • Alzheimer disease

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