Ashwin Sachdeva

Ashwin Sachdeva

Ashwin Sachdeva

Project Student

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  • Interdisciplinary Masters in Medicine and Engineering, University of Manchester, 2009-2010
  • MB BS at University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, 2005 – 2011

Ashwin is an intercalating medical student who pursued an innovative interdisciplinary masters degree under the MIMIT initiative, aiming to bridge the gap between clinicians, engineers, and physical scientists.

In collaboration with Professor Noel Clarke’s group at the Patterson Institute of Cancer Research, he has been using a variety of spectroscopy methods (ATR, single point, and imaging FTIR) to identify spectroscopic markers for early prostate cancer diagnosis. He has gained substantial experience in Matlab programming and multivariate statistical analysis to examine these extensive datasets.

Current Areas of Interest

  • Surgery and Interventional Medicine
  • Surgical and Medical Technology
  • Carcinogenesis and Cancer Diagnosis
  • Medical Education

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6 Automated high-throughput assessment of prostate biopsy tissue using infrared spectroscopic chemical imaging
Paul Bassan, Ashwin Sachdeva, Jonathan H. Shanks, Mick D. Brown, Noel W. Clarke and Peter Gardner
Proc. SPIE 9041, Medical Imaging 2014: Digital Pathology 9041 (2014) 90410D-90410D-10
Open Access
Whole organ cross-section chemical imaging using label-free mega-mosaic FTIR microscopy
Paul Bassan, Ashwin Sachdeva, Jonathan H. Shanks, Mick D. Brown, Noel W. Clarke and Peter Gardner
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4 Substrate contributions in micro-ATR of thin samples: implications for analysis of cells, tissue and biological fluids
Paul Bassan, Ashwin Sachdeva, Joe Lee and Peter Gardner
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3 The inherent problem of transflection-mode infrared spectroscopic microscopy and the ramifications for biomedical single point and imaging applications
Paul Bassan, Joe Lee, Ashwin Sachdeva, Juliana Pissardini, Konrad M. Dorling, John S. Fletcher, Alex Henderson and Peter Gardner
Analyst 138 (2013) 144-157
2 FTIR microscopy of biological cells and tissue: data analysis using resonant Mie scattering (RMieS) EMSC algorithm
Paul Bassan, Ashwin Sachdeva, Achim Kohler, Caryn Hughes, Alex Henderson, Jonathan Boyle, Jonathan H. Shanks, Michael Brown, Noel W. Clarke and Peter Gardner
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1 SR-FTIR spectroscopy of renal epithelial carcinoma side population cells displaying stem cell-like characteristics
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Analyst 135(12) (2010) 3133-3141


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