Dr Caryn Hughes

Dr Caryn Hughes

Caryn Hughes

Research Associate

caryn.hughes @ manchester.ac.uk

Caryn Hughes

  • PhD, University of Manchester 2011.

Caryn Hughes obtained a Master of Chemistry MChem with Industrial Experience  in 2007, followed by an Analytical Science PhD entitled ‘Development of FTIR for Drug Response Analysis’ at the University of Manchester in 2011. Experimental work included single cell analysis using benchtop and synchrotron radiation sources for FTIR-Microspectroscopy and learning biological techniques such as cell culture, cytotoxicity assays and flow cytometry. Analytical work concentrated on chemometric techniques such as PCA and LDA.

Currently Caryn is jointly appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in spectral pathology between the Genito Urinary Cancer Research Group headed by Professor Noel Clarke at the School of Cancer and Imaging Studies, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research and the Analytical and Medical Vibrational Spectroscopy Group at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology under Prof. Peter Gardner at University of Manchester. The focus of her research is now tissue based, using imaging FTIR-Microspectroscopy, immuno-histochemistry/fluorescence and supervised classification-based algorithms such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Support Vector Machines(SVM).


Dr Kevin Flower, designing novel organometallic anti-cancer compounds.

Dr Duncan Smith, leading our proteomics research at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research.

Areas of experience

  • Cell Biology Skills
    • Cell culture
    • Proliferation/Viability Assays
    • Cytotoxicity screening
    • FACS cell cycle analysis
  • FTIR of biological samples
    • Single biological cells
    • Cellular monolayers
    • Side Population ‘Stem-cell’ analysis
  • Synchrotron FTIR, including beamtime at
    • Synchrotron Radiation Source (SRS) Daresbury (SRS) – Daresbury, UK
    • Synchrotron SOLEIL, France
    • Synchrotron Trieste, Italy


13 Characterising cytotoxic agent action as a function of the cell cycle using Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy
M. Jimenez-Hernandez, M.D. Brown, C. Hughes, N.W. Clarke and P. Gardner
Analyst 140 (2015) 4453-4464
Open Access
Enhanced FTIR benchtop imaging of single biological cells
Caryn Hughes, Alex Henderson, Mustafa Kansiz, Konrad Dorling, Melody Jimenez-Hernandez, Michael D Brown, Noel William Clarke and Peter Gardner
Analyst 140 (2015) 2080-2085
11 Using Fourier transform IR spectroscopy to analyze biological materials
Matthew J Baker, Júlio Trevisan, Paul Bassan, Rohit Bhargava, Holly J Butler, Konrad M Dorling, Peter R Fielden, Simon W Fogarty, Nigel J Fullwood, Kelly A Heys, Caryn Hughes, Peter Lasch, Pierre L Martin-Hirsch, Blessing Obinaju, Ganesh D Sockalingum, Josep Sulé-Suso, Rebecca J Strong, Michael J Walsh, Bayden R Wood, Peter Gardner & Francis L Martin
Nature Protocols 9 (2014) 1771–1791
Open Access
Assessing the challenges of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic analysis of blood serum
Caryn Hughes, Michael Brown, Graeme Clemens, Alex Henderson, Geraldine Monjardez, Noel W. Clarke, Peter Gardner
Journal of Biophotonics 7(3-4) (2014) 180–188
Open Access
Assessment of paraffin removal from prostate FFPE sections using transmission mode FTIR-FPA imaging
Caryn Hughes, Lydia Gaunt, Michael Brown, Noel W. Clarke and Peter Gardner
Anal. Methods 6 (2014) 1028-1035
8 Exploring the spectroscopic differences of Caki-2 cells progressing through the cell cycle while proliferating in vitro
M. Jimenez-Hernandez, C. Hughes, P. Bassan, F. Ball, M. D. Brown, N. W. Clarke and P. Gardner
Analyst 138 (2013) 3957-3966
7 FTIR microspectroscopy of selected rare diverse sub-variants of carcinoma of the urinary bladder
Caryn Hughes, Junaid Iqbal-Wahid, Michael Brown, Jonathan H. Shanks, Amanda Eustace, Helen Denley, Peter J. Hoskin, Catharine West, Noel W. Clarke, Peter Gardner
Journal of Biophotonics 6(1) (2013) 73–87
6 Highlighting a need to distinguish cell cycle signatures from cellular responses to chemotherapeutics in SR-FTIR spectroscopy
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Analyst 137 (2012) 5736-5742
5 Investigating cellular responses to novel chemotherapeutics in renal cell carcinoma using SR-FTIR spectroscopy
C. Hughes, M. D. Brown, N. W. Clarke, K. R. Flower and P. Gardner
Analyst 137 (2012) 4720-4726
4 FTIR microscopy of biological cells and tissue: data analysis using resonant Mie scattering (RMieS) EMSC algorithm
Paul Bassan, Ashwin Sachdeva, Achim Kohler, Caryn Hughes, Alex Henderson, Jonathan Boyle, Jonathan H. Shanks, Michael Brown, Noel W. Clarke and Peter Gardner
Analyst 137 (2012) 1370-1377
3 SR-FTIR spectroscopy of renal epithelial carcinoma side population cells displaying stem cell-like characteristics
Hughes, C; Liew, M; Sachdeva, A; Bassan, P; Dumas, P; Hart, C A; Brown, M D; Clarke, N W; Gardner, P
Analyst 135(12) (2010) 3133-3141
2 Classification of fixed urological cells using Raman tweezers
Harvey, T J; Hughes, C; Ward, A D; Faria, E C; Henderson, A; Clarke, N W; Brown, M D; Snook, R D; Gardner, P
Journal of Biophotonics 2(1-2) (2009) 47-69
1 QuadraPure Cartridges for Removal of Trace Metal from Reaction Mixtures in Flow
A. Hinchcliffe, C. Hughes, D. A. Pears, and M. R. Pitts
Org. Process Res. Dev. 11 (2007) 477-481

Presentations and Workshops

  • SPEC 2010, The University of Manchester, June 26- July 1, 2010 (oral presentation)
  • 2010 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium, March 5-7, San Francisco, 2010 (poster)
  • FTIR Spectroscopy in Microbiological and Medical Diagnostics, Robert Koch-Institute, Berlin, October 15-16, 2009 (poster)
  • RSC Analytical Research Forum 2009. 13 – 15 July 2009, Kent, United Kingdom (poster)
  • Young Prostate Researchers Symposium, CRUK, Cambridge March 31, 2009 (poster)
  • Spectroscopic and Spectrometric Molecular Pathology and Diagnosis, University of Manchester / Robert Koch Institute Forum, Robert Koch Institute, Berlin, March 20, 2009 (oral presentation)
  • DASIM Summer School on Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy and Biomedical Applications, ANKA, Karlsruhe, Germany, June 23-27, 2008.
  • 4th Annual DASIM Workshop, the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, June 12-13, 2008 (poster)
  • 3rd Annual DASIM Workshop, Kraków, Poland, February 7-8, 2008

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