Konrad Dorling

Konrad Dorling

Konrad Dorling

Research Student

  • Interdisciplinary Masters in Medicine and Engineering, University of Manchester, 2007
  • MPhys in Physics, University of Manchester, 2006

Konrad is a graduate physicist having obtained an MPhys in Physics in 2006. He recently partook in a new course at the University of Manchester for 2007, an Interdisciplinary Masters in Medicine and Engineering and was awarded an MSc. This programme was founded on the basis and goals of the MIMIT initiative and is the first interdisciplinary medicine and engineering course existing in the UK.

After working on a project with the Gardner group as part of the MSc course, he applied for a PhD to continue his research in the same area of prostate cancer tissue research. His PhD is largely involved with the spectroscopic analysis of prostate cancer tissue and the imaging of such tissue.

Konrad is originally from Manchester, but lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Open Access
Enhanced FTIR benchtop imaging of single biological cells
Caryn Hughes, Alex Henderson, Mustafa Kansiz, Konrad Dorling, Melody Jimenez-Hernandez, Michael D Brown, Noel William Clarke and Peter Gardner
Analyst 140 (2015) 2080-2085
2 The inherent problem of transflection-mode infrared spectroscopic microscopy and the ramifications for biomedical single point and imaging applications
Paul Bassan, Joe Lee, Ashwin Sachdeva, Juliana Pissardini, Konrad M. Dorling, John S. Fletcher, Alex Henderson and Peter Gardner
Analyst 138 (2013) 144-157
1 Exceptional preservation of a prehistoric human brain from Heslington, Yorkshire, UK
Sonia O’Connor, Esam Ali, Salim Al-Sabah, Danish Anwar, Ed Bergström, Keri A. Brown, Jo Buckberry, Stephen Buckley, Matthew Collins, John Denton, Konrad M. Dorling, Adam Dowle, Phil Duffey, Howell G.M. Edwards, Elsa Correia Faria, Peter Gardner, Andy Gled
Journal of Archaeological Science 38 (2011) 1641-1654


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