Dr Paul Bassan

Dr Paul Bassan

Paul Bassan

Research Associate

paul.bassan @ manchester.ac.uk

Paul Bassan

  • PhD on Biomedical Fourier transform infared (FTIR) spectroscopy of highly scattering samples: Understanding and correcting resonant Mie scattering (RMieS), University of Manchester, UK. 2011
  • MSc in Medical Physics, University of Manchester, UK. 2007
  • BSc Physics, University of Warwick, UK. 2006
  • CEO, London Spectroscopy Ltd.

Paul Bassan received his B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Warwick U.K. in 2006 and then went on to receive an M.Sc. in Medical Physics at the University of Manchester U.K. in 2007. In October 2007 he joined the Gardner group at the University of Manchester and is currently researching the fundamental principles of mid-IR light scattering (namely Mie scattering) in single cell and tissue samples as used in FTIR spectroscopy. Eventual aims are to produce a correction algorithm which recovers the pure absorbance spectra of highly scattering samples. A preliminary version called the resonant Mie scattering extended multiplicative signal correction (RMieS-EMSC) has been written (in collaboration with Achim Kohler and Harald Martens of Nofima Mat, Norway) and distributed free of charge to academic users. In the future he plans to apply the RMieS-EMSC to FTIR imaging data with the use of parallel computing using graphics processing unit (GPU) computing.

Areas of experience

  • Matlabprogramming
    • Writing algorithms
    • GPU Processing
  • FTIR of highly scattering samples
    • Single biological cells
    • Resonant Mie scattering (RMieS-EMSC)


  1. Paul Bassan, and Peter Gardner, Scattering in Biomedical Infrared Spectroscopy, in Biomedical Applications of Synchrotron Infrared Microspectroscopy, The Royal Society of Chemistry. p. 260-276.


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