Buradsakon “Job” Pongtippitak

Buradsakon “Job” Pongtippitak

Postgraduate Research Student


BSc in Physics, Naresuan University, 2016

MSc in Physics with Nanophotonics, Imperial College London, 2019

Ph.D. Candidate – Advanced Functional Materials and Analytical Science

Buradsakon Pongtippitak completed his BSc in Physics at Naresuan University with First-Class Honours. During his BSc, he conducted research projects involving the development of Piezoelectric ceramics synthesis methods both at Naresuan University and Oregon State University.

Buradsakon completed his MSc in Physics with Nanophotonics at Imperial College London and his research project involved making a system for laser gain measurement.

Buradsakon is currently doing research related to high resolution infrared imaging in the near and far field using developing technology. This project is under the supervision of Prof. Peter Gardner and Dr. Alex Henderson.