Single cell analysis

Single cell analysis

Although there are numerous drivers for the development of single cell IR spectroscopy measuring an infrared absorbance spectrum from a single biological cell, is an inherently flawed process. Given that the diameter of typical human cells are in the region ~8–30 µm and the size of nuclei and other organelles range from 1 – 10 µm, it is clear that mid-infrared radiation with wavelengths of 3-10 µm will scatter strongly from such samples. This scattering, dominated by Mie scattering, will significantly distort the measured spectrum such that it appears significantly different from the pure absorbance spectrum. This distortion often termed the dispersion artefact has hampered progress in this field since both intensity and position of absorption bands can alter significantly as a result. In this project we have identified the underlying causes of the most prominent spectral distortions namely resonant Mie scattering (RMieS). In collaboration with Achim Kohler at Nofima in Norway, we have now developed a correction algorithm (RMieS-EMSC) that removes the distortions to give a corrected spectrum that resembles a pure absorbance spectrum.

Single cell analysis

Work is continuing on this project to improve the correction method further however a preliminary version of the algorithm is available under License and is free to use for all academic users. (A final version will shortly be available on this website but for those interested in trying the preliminary version please e-mail Paul Bassan: paul.bassan @

Publications associated with this project

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Analyst, DOI:10.1039/B921056C.

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EPSRC/RSC Analytical Studentship programme

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